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Hello World

January 09, 2019


Hello world!! πŸ™Œ

This is my first post on my brand new Gatsby blog! πŸ’œ

I'll be writing about any random thing that comes to my mind (Mostly programming stuff).

But first, let me talk a little about myself...

My name is Luis Duenas, I'm a software developer πŸ’ͺ, I'm from Mexico.

I have 2 dogs 🐢, a cat 3 cats 😾 and a beautiful wife πŸ’‘.

I like a lot to dig in github and find some projects to contribute in my spare time.

I love to cook, I was a chef for 7 years before I became a developer.

Things i like:

  • Minimalistic desings ⭐
  • Automation ⚑
  • Write code πŸ’»
  • Ask a lot of questions πŸ˜…

I also like reading a lot of blog post about programming, productivity, and inspirational.

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luisduenas / web developer
Learning to code since 2016.